A bit of an St Anton classic that has an easy tour with a great open bowl to ski down. Ends at the local 'Mpries' supermarket after a fun long ski down the forrest roads for a snack and a beer before catching the ski bus back to St Anton.

Head off the back of the last chair in the Rendl ski area and you'll see the approach face opposite you. Leave early to get ahead of the guided groups.

The entry to the Hochar Bowl can be a bit challenging for unseasoned skiers and has been know to slide. A slide here would not be in your favour.

Leave a few days after any new snowfall as the main bowl can slide out. Let a local make the first tracks to be sure. There is plenty of room for everyone to have a line on this great tour.


Ski Difficulty
Few technical difficulties. Slopes are not that difficult (maximum 35°) that may be longer than 800m. Possibly uneven terrain or mild exposure and objective hazard.
Ski Exposure
Slopes may contain cliff bands which would lead to air time in the even of a fall from the top. At this level, if the take off is controlled, the risk of a dangerous impact is low. "S" corridors belong at this level.

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Elevation Profile