If you're looking for a long adventure to get about as far away from people as possible, this might be the tour for you.

We started early 0640 at verwall guesthaus skinning along the langlauf then summer way towards konstanzer hut. Take a left to the east of pattriol and keep walking up the valley. You will cross a high (ish) saddle with a large square stone. Keep going about another km until you reach an obvious creek line to the right (west). Follow that up and come out onto the high plateau meandering your way easily over the glacier. (Safe no ropes or harnesses needed). Take the easiest way in a south west direction. The last face was a mix of deep wind blown snow and shallow snow on an icy base. Several changes were made in a short period of time between skinning and boot packing. The last 50-80m vertical were boot packed with an ice axe. The views from the top were amazingly rewarding with 2 massive uninhabited valleys either side of you.

For the ski down, follow your skin tracks back down the valley.


Ski Difficulty
Beginner alpine skiing terrain. Slope angle up to 30° and less than 800m. Wide, open slopes or sparsely treed areas. Exposure is non-existent and in general the risk of avalanche is low.
Ski Exposure
Unquestionable risk of a fall over a cliff in the event of fall, but not 100% certainty. "S" corridors with a certainty of impact in the even of a fall belong at this level. The probability of death in the even of a fall is high.

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Elevation Profile